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what's the closest thing to you that you could use as a weapon?

I guess that would be the remote for the television. It’s hardly a weapon that is going to do anything, but I guess I could always throw it and run.

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Alright, awesome.  I’m going to just keep trying to find more jobs.  I start my other one here in a few days, but it’s only a few afternoons a week so I’m going to need something else, even if it’s just to afford the Jersey shore.


I’m glad you were able to find something, which I guess is better than nothing. Once I have a better idea who is all going to be going I’ll start looking up prices for a place big enough for us all.

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It’s just the truth, babe.


That doesn’t mean you need to tell everyone about it.

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Just shoes?  Wow.

Yeah, that’s true.  I didn’t have to stress about, like, a bed or kitchen stuff or whatever.  I didn’t really stress about it before, either, but now that I’m thinking about it, I’m kind of glad I didn’t need to.  The school transferring is stressful enough without worrying about spoons and forks.

You should know how important shoes are to a girl by now. 

Have you gotten everything figured out with that? I’m sure having to move to another state on top of figuring out things go for school is bound to lead to you being completely stressed. 

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I’m good with it if we can keep it cheap and if it’s before school starts.


The plan is to keep it as cheap as possible so I’m hoping more than a few people decide to come. I’m going to check on prices once I know for sure so we know if we can actually do it.

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Oh my goodness, I wanna go! Can I go? I’m not gonna be in New York until the 4th, but if it’s any weekend after I’d love to go! Parties are my favorite. 


Everyone who wants to come is definietly more than welcome to. It’ll probably end up being later than that because of the short notice, but I’m going to see what I can find out.

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I really hope so. I feel like it’s going to be a long time before we can do something like this again.


Even if only a few of us can go, it’s better than none of us. I know everyone is busy, but hopefully they can all find time.

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You know, I really don’t have that much stuff anymore.  I sold my truck and my X-Box.  Burt kept my TV for the break room at the shop.  I shipped my school stuff, like the textbooks I’ve kept, and all my clothes fit into one big suitcase.  I’m gonna have to go get a bookshelf or something before I can do too much.

Is that weird? Did you have more stuff than that to unpack?  

I think we both already know that I definitely had more than that. I’m pretty sure when I first moved here I had an entire suitcase filled with shoes and nothing else. It’s good that you packed like since it makes moving a lot easier. Plus you already know Kurt has a lot of things already taken care of so it’s a less stressful situation all around.

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who are you jealous of?

A lot of people, and anyone who says they aren’t has to be a complete liar. There is always someone who has something that we dream about having and that will probably never change.

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