Well of course not. Why would you follow someone else’s dreams?


I think you’d probably be surprised by how many people are willing to follow someone else’s directions if they think it can get them what they want.

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Anonymous asked:

Your favorite memory involving Puck?

I don’t really think it’s possible for me to choose one. We’ve made a lot of unforgettable memories since we’ve moved in together. There isn’t one that is more important or memorable than the next.

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Anonymous asked:

What is your greatest weakness?

I think that’s probably obvious to anyone that knows me. There’s really only one subject that gets me upset the most, but I’m not stupid enough to inform anyone who doesn’t know what it is.

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Anonymous asked:

when's the last time you talked to your sister?

A few days ago. She called to ask if I had everything that I needed for school and informed me of a few things going on with our family.

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We already have 20 photographs of our suitcases. The documentation has begun.


Sounds like you’re in for a very good time.

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Maybe they think you’re lying.


You’re the only person that is lying.

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Although I appreciate your well wishes, Quinn, I doubt you have ever vacationed in true Berry style and so you have no idea how vitally important our bedazzled t-shirts are. I find that they add a special touch as the shirts loudly, and proudly, announce the arrival of a little touch of star quality to any place that is usually deprived of my thrilling talent and exciting and surprising personality. I can’t wait to see the eager faces of my Mexican fans as they realise they have a bonafide Great White Way celebrity in their midst!


I’ll have to take your word for it because I really don’t think I’ll be bedazzling any shirts for any future vacations. Hopefully it’ll all work out for you because I really don’t want Jesse to have to deal with the consequences of it not. 

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Maybe you could be my friend and tell me instead? That sure would make life easier on me. Yeah whenever we get a chance to. It’s getting tougher with homework and stuff. It’s really tempting to just forget it and talk to her all night instead, but I can’t fail and be stuck here for even longer.


I’m not very good at being a friend so that’s probably not going to happen. I’m glad that you’re getting a chance to talk and please don’t start giving up on school just to talk to your girlfriend. 

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You think I dress amazingly? Thanks, Quinn! That means a lot coming from you! Oh I hope people like it! I went with a very calming and neutral color scheme in every room but mine. So mine has this cool pop of pink out of nowhere like a cool surprise. Oh I didn’t even think of that! College may not be so bad after all. How so?


I think people would have to be insane not to notice how fashionable you are. It might not be their style, but there’s really no denying that you know how to dress. Have classes started yet? Once they do you’ll see how easy it is to meet people.

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Anonymous asked:

what kind of phone do you have?

An iPhone 5s. 

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