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Honestly, no. I’m still mulling it over. Do you have plans for Summer other than relaxing?


Working, probably. I might look into some kind of paid internship or just doing something so I can start having more money.

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Anonymous asked:

Who do you have on your speed dial?

Do smart phones even have speed dial? If they do, I guess that answers the question of me not having anyone on it. 

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I know that Noah is very busy working so you can take the exciting step of moving in together but the holiday does last eight whole days and I’m sure he could find time to attend Temple just once. I took the liberty of locating the relevant information for you and a this link here leads to a comprehensive list of Synagogues in the New Haven area! 


Yeah, he’s been pretty busy trying to fit it all in. I’ll be sure to pass the list onto him and if he has a night off then I’m sure I’ll be able to convince him to go. He’s not nearly at bad at practicing his religion as he likes to pretend he is.

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Yeah, I hope you’re right. As long as things like lots of miles or talking about marriage don’t get in our way. Not even like proposing, but just talking about it. Do you believe in marriage? I hope so too. High school just wouldn’t be the same without having that safe place around.


Please don’t talk about getting married or think about actually doing it while still in high school. That’s definitely a path I’ve already been on and I really don’t want to deal with a repeat of it all. I believe in getting married whenever you’re both adult enough to deal with what marriage really means. I’m sure it’ll still be there for you for the rest of you high school career. Mr. Schue knows what he’s doing.

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I like to think I bring my own theatrical flair to any sort of holiday but honestly Passover is so beautiful without anything more than a few bedazzled table dressings to make it shine. I know Noah said he was working but I do hope he’s planning to attend Temple at least once before Passover ends?


You’re going to have to talk to him about that because I really don’t think he’s going to have the time to attend. I’m not even sure if he knows where any Temples are around New Haven.

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I’d apologise for not being here for a few days…


Just the usual. We never have much time, so the usual, domestic things end up with far more value than normal.


Sounds like a nice way to spend your time. How much longer are you going to be on tour?

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